Kids Ride on Cars Buyer’s Guide

Kids Ride on Cars Buyer’s Guide


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As an adult, you may still remember the excitement, thrill, and fun you had while riding your first childhood 2 wheel bike. If you want to see the same feeling on your child’s face then there is nothing better than presenting your kid with a luxury toy.

Everyone dreams of driving an Audi, Lamborghini, or McLaren. With the evolution of time, kids are getting smarter so why not let your child handing the keys to their very own electric Supercar? Battery-operated kids’ ride-on cars are in fashion and have become the number one priority in a parents’ and kids’ wish list. But do they really worth the money and your kid’s time?

You need to consider some important things before buying an electric car for your kid.

Are baby ride-on cars beneficial for babies?

Kids spend a lot of time on screen (Mobile, Tablet, or TV) which is bad for their eyes, bones, and overall health. Ride on cars helps in providing a constructive outdoor activity for both kids and parents. They learn to socialize with other kids in the town.

Young children need to develop motor skills (like falling, standing, balance). A baby ride-on car is a good investment to learn baby reaction times and develop cognitive thinking, balance, and coordination at a very early age.

What age are ride-on cars for?

There are different types of ride-on cars for babies from year 1 to kids of age 9 years old. You should consider your kid’s age, size, and weight before buying an electric car. By this I mean, Don’t buy a small car for a bigger size baby because it would not bear the weight. Similarly don’t buy a 24v ride for a 2-year baby. There are many children’s ride-on cars that you can convert to higher mechanisms according to your kid’s age. In the way, a kid enjoys the car for a longer period. The following chart will help you to choose the right electric car for your kid.

Kid Age Car Voltage Car Speed Battery Time Terrain Features  
0-2 6V 2mph 45 min.
Carpet/Floor Parental control of lighting,
move forward,
backward, spin
2-4 6 V 3 mph 45 min. Smooth Basic features+
FM radios
3 to 6 12 V 5 mph 2 hrs. Smooth/Grassy realistic engine sounds, foot-
pedal, two seat kids
6-9 24 V 6mh 4 hrs. uphill realistic driving experience

Types Of Kids ride on cars

  • Ride-on Jeep
  • Two-seater ride on car
  • Ride on Car
  • 12-volt ride on car
  • Ride-on Tractor
  • Kids quad bikes
  • 24-volt ride on car

These are basic types of battery-operated cars available in the market. You can select one according to the taste of your kid. You must be aware of what the kid wants to do with the toy. If he is not capable or not interested in the ride on cars then do not just buy it make other people envious. Because these are expensive toys. Your kid may lose interest in the toy after some time and the toy will remain unused. But if you really want your kid to develop driving skills with confidence at an early age then it is a great investment.

Buying Tips For Parents

  • Child safety is the priority so check for nontoxic and BPA-free material for your kid’s toys.
  • The power wheel should be lightweight.
  • The car should be easy to assemble and control manually and remotely.
  • The battery should be enclosed safely in a fire-resistant cover.
  • There should not no protruding corners or loose parts to avoid choking hazards for kids age under 3.
  • Make sure that the ride on a car for 0 to 4 years of age should have a low center of gravity to avoid tipping.
  • As babies under 2 may tumble, so do not buy an electric car that does not have safety belts and a secure seat for the baby.
  • 12-volt ride on the car including Jeeps, Lamborghini’s and Mercedes can be used on multiple terrains, Always keep an eye on kids while they drive the car.
  •  24-volt ride-on cars give a more realistic driving experience to kids with multiple gears and double motor systems so being a parent, be careful while handing over the fast cars to your kids.
  • The weight of kids may affect the speed and battery time of a car.
  • Power wheels made for 0-4 year of kids usually designed for an indoor ride while kids electric car made for beyond 4 years supposed to use in an outdoor setting.
  • Before buying an electric car, consider the longevity and durability by reading reviews of different models before making a purchase.
  • If you live in a small apartment then do not buy these bulky toys. If you have medium storage shed or outdoor enclosed garage, you can easily store it and save the car from environmental elements.
  • I will recommend push toys for babies(0-3). It may be a waste of money to have an expensive toy that babies cant operate independently. You can wait and buy a 12-volt ride on or a 24-volt ride on when kids reach to appropriate level of motor skills, gain balance to enjoy the ride fully.

Kids ride on cars are one of the best luxury gifts for babies, definitely not essential to buy but if you invest, it can help kids gain skill, confidence, and independence at a very early age. You can buy childs’ ride-on cars according to age from the different online or physical stores. I recommend buying some cool kids’ electric cars from


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