Hoverboards for sale in Vancouver, BC.

We offer the highest quality Hoverboards in Canada to all our customers at an affordable price. 

Hoverboards for sale Toronto, ON

Currently, all of our hoverboards are on sale all across Canada including Vancouver, BC.



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Phone Number: 1-800-821-0552
Vancouver Support Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10AM to 9PM
Saturday & Sunday: 11AM to 6PM


Our Hoverboards Below:

Original 6.5" Hoverboard - Click for more details

Our original hoverboard is available in many different colors and comes with a very high quality battery and a certified charger to ensure maximum safety.

6.5 Inch Hoverboard



Bluetooth Model - Click for more details

Our bluetooth hoverboard is equipped with high quality speakers to bring the best riding experience while enjoying your favorite songs. Volume on the hoverboard can be adjusted from your bluetooth enabled device.

Bluetooth Hoverboard


Have any questions? Call us anytime at 1-800-821-0552!