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2022 Lamborghini Veneno 24V | 4x4 w/ Two Leather Seats, Rubber Tires, & Seat Harness

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The all new 2022 Lamborghini Veneno has finally been released! Fully equipped with all the fun features for your children to enjoy. Fully loaded with a MP3 player, leather seat with a seat belt harness, rubber tires, 24V Battery, & quad motors.


Battery 24V
Seats 2
Motors 4 Motors
Tires EVA Rubber Tires
Leather Seats Yes
Seat Belt Yes w/ Harness
Parental Remote  Yes
Weight Limit 220 (Based on our tests)
Recommended Ages Two kids 1-4 OR one kid between 1-8 years old
Speed 6-8KM/HR
Drivable Terrain Grass, Road, Gravel
Play Time 1-3 Hours (Depends on weight load, speed, etc)
Charge Time 6-8 Hours
Car Dimensions 136 x 72 x 34 CM
Additional Features

Built-In MP3 Player

Four Wheel Suspensions

Battery Indicator

Front & Rear Lights Opening Doors


Battery 90 Days
Motor 90 Days
Motherboard 90 Days
Remote 2 Years