Volta C 48V - Electric Scooter

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The Volta C is here! Our electric scooter created to eliminate the hassle of constantly paying for insurance and gas. Give it a charge and explore the city!

Manufactured to abide with federal laws, this electric scooter has a 350W motor and maximum speed of 32KM/HR (maximum allowed by law). The Volta C comes equipped with a 48V/20AH lead-acid battery which is the same as what most cars use instead of lithium ion as lead-acid batteries are much more durable in various weather conditions. 

The Volta C electric motorcycle can travel up to 45KM on a full charge. We supply a UL Certified charger to ensure maximum safety.


  • Model Volta C
  • Lead-Acid Battery 48V/20AH
  • 350 Watts Motor (Maximum allowed by law)
  • 32KM/HR Maximum Speed (By law)
  • LCD Display to view speed and battery
  • UL Certified Charger
  • Detachable pedals provided (required by law)