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Volta X - Exclusive Edition

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The Volta X is here! The ultimate electric motorcycle is now available for purchase. Our electric motorcycle is built to provide the highest quality of transportation for all users.

Manufactured to abide with federal laws, this electric motorcycle has a 500W motor and maximum speed of 32KM/HR (maximum allowed by law). The Volta X comes equipped with a 72V/20AH lead-acid battery which is the same as what most cars use instead of lithium ion as lead-acid batteries are much more durable in various weather conditions. 

The Volta X electric motorcycle can travel up to 65KM on a full charge. We supply a UL Certified charger and equip the motorcycle with disc brakes to ensure maximum safety.



  • Model Volta X
  • Lead-Acid Battery 72V/20AH
  • 500 Watts Motor (Maximum allowed by law)
  • 32KM/HR Maximum Speed (By law)
  • LCD Display to view speed and battery
  • UL Certified Charger
  • Detachable pedals provided (required by law)

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